Creative Finish Long Arm Quilting Services


Many of us have gotten into the habit of sewing a length of the border fabric to the edge of the quilt and cutting off the excess.  This can cause wavy borders which are very challenging to quilt and may cost you extra for me to fix for you.

The proper way:  Measure the length of the quilt top at the top, middle and bottom.  If these measurements are the same, this is your border length.  If not, take the average of the three measurements (top + middle + bottom divided by 3) for your border length and cut the two side borders to this exact measurement.  Divide the border into four equal parts by pining at center and between center and each edge.  Do the same for each quilt side.  Pin the border to the quilt top by matching pins.   Sew border to quilt top, easing in as you go.  

After the side borders have been attached, measure the quilt top width at the top, middle and sides.  Repeat steps above.

Of course, if you're mitering the corners of your border, you'll need to add the appropriate amount to each border piece to accommodate the miters. 

If your border is pieced, be sure to stitch around the perimeter of your quilt to reinforce the edges.